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Springtime in Cornwall

Welcome to my first ever blog - Makes me feel young and trendy saying that! Now I need to live up to the vision!

We started our small holiday rental business back in 2018 - pre covid and pre recession! I think that despite all of the hurdles we have managed to build up a good reputation with lots and lots of repeat guests. Must mean we are doing something right.

2023 has had a slow start with bookings now starting to trickle in. Looks like this might be a year of the last minute booking - which means keeping on top of emails / admin and cleaning! All things that I love.

For those of you bringing your fur babies on holiday with you - you might want to check out the following places for dog walks:

Pras Trewolek (Trewolek Meadow) - 75 acres of wildflower meadows and farmland owned by the Duchy of Cornwall and part of the public areas for Nansledan Village. With over 3.5km of paths (1.7km are wheelchair accessible), it makes for a great place to walk your dog. There is plenty of parking (free of charge). The entrance is off of William Hosking Road (runs from Quintrell Downs towards Porth) - there is a small right hand turn into Trewolek Farm almost opposite the school.

Watergate Bay - at low tide a great place to introduce your pup to the seaside - with hundreds of rock pools to explore, they can get their toes wet without scary waves! All the beach pictures above are from Watergate last weekend.

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